The Two Most Ridiculous Things I Heard Today.

1. Jim Rome ragging on OJ’s (current) judge for rocking a ponytail.


2. The baseball owners’ sit down was just to share info. It wasn’t collusion.


First, Rome needs to lose the 70’s porn star/weather guy fu manchu before he gives anyone crap about a ponytail. Even if I agree with him about the ponytail. And about the OJ trial. Lose the ‘stache, JR.

Second. There’s no f*n way that the little sit-down was anything but collusion. Just think about how much they would have to lose by sharing their trade wish lists versus what they have to gain. There’s one way, and only one way, as far as I can tell that this make sense.

The sit-down was only about price-fixing. Does anyone really think if A-rod’s contract was not an issue now this little get together would have happened?

I think they sang Kumbayah afterwards, too.


~ by jacqueline1230 on November 10, 2007.

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