Foolish Consistency & Small Minds


Rules: Crutch for Bad Managers

The (of the “love boat” scandal, those Vikings) have installed new management to restore integrity. So when your player meets with your coach and explains his grandmother, Celestine, who was like a mother to him, has died and he needs to go home to take care of the funeral arrangements – what do you do? Dock his pay. It’s in the rules, after all.

“I think the whole approach and intent, as with any organization, is to have guidelines so you have some continuity and don’t do it haphazardly,” Childress said. After all, the coach pointed out other players had returned a day or two after deaths in the family.

As Mark Mosely said: “With the possible exception of Tank Johnson, we admire people who stick to their guns. But there’s a point in time when common sense has to kick in.”

This goes beyond common sense, this is common decency.

Yeah, Childress needs to lay down the law and enforce team penalties because you don’t want the players to think they can get away with this kind of funny business. Like taking care of your brother who’s in a coma after a car accident, the travel arrangements for your siblings serving in the armed forces, and the funeral for your beloved grandma. You don’t want just anyone with these things happening to think they can just skip a game.

The most telling thing in the AP report was that it was the veteran players who pointed out the problem with the foolish consistency of this rule being executed in this way. (Can you imagine that meeting?) How much respect are these guys going to have for Childress or anyone else going forward?

“I think the important thing is everybody grieves differently. That’s the thing that I learned, or we learned, in this,” Childress said. “In the end, it’s not important to be right, but to get it right.”

What are they getting right?

Childress acknowledged after the team’s bye week that the coaches weren’t keeping close enough track of Peterson’s touches. After they noticed their oversight, his average yards went from 90 yards per game to over 150, including the records he set…and well, you know.

The Score

So the Vikings organization are losers on all counts but one: small minds, check. Small hearts, check. Clueless management, check.

About the only thing they’ve done right is getting players with heart. The kind of players who know the right thing to do: give your boss notice that you need one week off to handle extremely difficult family matters. Also, the kind of veteran players who will call the coach out when he’s not doing the right thing.

If the players keep doing what they can do, maybe the team has a shot. It certainly won’t be because of whoever is steering the ship.

[Update: Sunday 11-11 – Today I am a Cheesehead. The Vikings got whacked with a big ol’ karma bat – it’s too bad for the good guys on the team and I really hope Adrian Peterson is okay. It’s the organization that deserved the comeuppance. Shame, shame, shame.]


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