Bonds, Pats v. Bills, Sox Opener



Weird the indictment on Bonds comes now. Maybe the MLB decided they needed to make some money off him first, but still, odd – the timing. As far as I’ve heard, no new evidence. Selig the Car Salesman has got to let this personal vendetta go. It’s embarrassing. For Selig and the MLB. I have a reminder to anyone who thinks Bonds is the problem: Florida Rejuvenation Center. As Papi said: even if he was doing it, “it” was available to everyone, and no one else is playing as well as he has, as long as he has…Plaschke’s got it wrong when he lays blame at Bonds’ feet for tainting the game. He’s also wrong about the length of autograph lines. The fans love Bonds. It’s Selig that’s offensive. And the government for wasting my f*n tax dollars prosecuting this. Can’t they think of something else to focus on? Maybe like, um, THE WAR?

Pats v. Bills


Pats are talking.  “It’s second half of the season; so we’re 0-0” – to a man. Tell me they’re not fired up to prove the world they can win no matter what. Let the juggernaut roll. These guys are complete in every aspect of the game, deep in strategy, excellent in execution, and they’re big, mean and on a mission. Sunday night’s gonna be great.


Sox Opener


How exciting for Japanese fans that the Sox and the A’s will be playing the season opener in Japan. It’s hard to convey how fanatical the fans are in Japan, and it’ll be a great thing for them to see two of their own, playing as World Series Champs. I hope NESN or someone covers it well for the viewers here. Pass the dried squid…


~ by jacqueline1230 on November 17, 2007.

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