Eagles, Turkey, Humble Pie, and Flying Fish.


It’s about a minute left in 1st quarter; Pats up by 7. So far we’ve had Samuel (interception returned for TD) Gaffney, Moss, Evans (TD) all touch, or carry.

Then Westbrook ran over our D line in the Eagles first offensive drive which they quickly turned into 7…

That’s how I started this post. Then it got worse. It looked like no one on could hold onto a pass. Brady’s touch was off. The Eagles’ Offense gave Feeley all kinds of time, our defense barely even got to pressure him. Moss was covered, and robbed of a TD late in the game by a bad call in the end zone.

We just didn’t look like the team that wanted the win more. Of note were Asante Samuel again, being prepared, reading Feeley’s plays, being in the right spot to interrupt a play or to make an interception.

Wes Welker tied the team single game record for second most receptions in a single game with 13 for 149 yards. Gaffney, Faulk, a lot of guys contributed, even Moss who was covered so closely played a critical role, spreading the Eagles’ D and allowing others to make plays.

For most of the game it was too close to call and clearly much closer than the spread which moved from 16 to 22 to 24 by pre-game. It didn’t look like we wanted it as much as the Eagles for a good part of the game, but in the end the win was ours. And a “W” is still a “W”. We’ll take it.

Congrats to the Saints, Chargers, Raiders and 49ers who all had wins today, too. And is it too harsh to thank the Bills?

Our Bill will be serving up some of his famous humble pie while Andy Reid assures Donovan that he’s still he man. Inexplicably, that seems to be the strategy in Philly no matter how well the team plays under a different QB (one who doesn’t fold like a lawn chair in the clutch moments, or hurl on their Center’s backside…)


We will get ready for a Monday Night Football which promises to be less than exciting but for the return of Ricky Williams. I hope he plays and gets to show us what he’s got. In my opinion, anyone who can run like that with THC in his veins deserves a medal, not censure. Most folks can barely motivate to get off the couch for munchies, never mind set rushing records when they’re high. (So I’ve heard.) Ironically, it will be the Steelers that the 0-10 Dolphins will face. The Steelers have a freakish track record with ex-players’ deaths at early ages. (see below)

The idiotic substance abuse policy of the NFL continues to pay lip service to steroid and HGH abuse while persecuting these speedy backs who like to smoke. WTF?

I’d have more respect if the league just came out and said something like this:

“Of course we like our gladiators to be bigger and stronger and faster every year. So, we’re going to ignore the unnatural size and speed of these guys, the gaps in their teeth, their growing melon-heads, their untimely and early deaths. We’re going to just pick a few undisciplined guys who prefer ganja to Paxil* and smack them with penalties. Occasionally, we’ll trot out a reformed alcoholic pill popper like Bret Favre to show how caring we are about recovery. But let’s get real folks, we just want these guys to do what we say and not make waves. And we want them to do it bigger, harder AND faster. As Lyle Alzado said – you can find freaks of nature, but not enough to fill an NFL roster.”

Yeah, that’ll happen. I’m not holding my breath – pun intended.

*In an interview with ESPN, Williams stated, “Marijuana is 10 times better for me than Paxil.” He was going to be the pharmaceutical’s poster boy for its social anxiety disorder drug. Unfortunately, it had too many side effects for him to tolerate it. Oops.


~ by jacqueline1230 on November 27, 2007.

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