Bile flows from Santa Barbara’s Mean Streets through Rome, Jim Rome

First off, if you’ve been living under a rock, the tragedy in football this week was the homicide of Redskins Safety 24 year old Sean Taylor. (see sidebar) There’s been rampant speculation in the media about his past and Jim Rome cannot seem to get the message. His guests this week keep trying to re-focus him and many spot interviews have yielded the same (Rondee Barber, for example) uncomfortable attempts to re-direct him.

Dude – back off. And, Get a CLUE. “Why didn’t he just move if people in Miami were refusing to let him back away from his past?” Um, maybe because he has a family there, his own extended as well as the life he and his fiancee were starting with the birth of their daughter? I don’t know, we can’t know, because he’s gone and we can’t ask him. He was the victim of a brutal homicide at 24 years old, in front of his fiancee and baby girl. Why not ask Rodney King why he bothered living in L.A.?

And why does everything have to be so negative, Jim? The only positive I’ve heard from you in ages was when your horse won some race. Before that you hated horse racing.

Look, I often admire you Jim for having the stones to say what others are afraid to. But sometimes the negativity is just too much. Is the tank so empty, that’s all you got?


Here’s a stocking stuffer for you Jim. I’m sending some on its way to you now. Try it out – you need it.

And by they way, nice how you missed the whole reason why Ricky Williams was unable to impress you in the Dolphins game. And I’m sure it was you he was most dying to impress. Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons STOMPED his shoulder while Williams was down. It was almost as gratuitous as Albert Haynesworth’s stomp last year but barely anyone has even mentioned it even though the camera caught it clearly.

I don’t know what obstacles you had to overcome Jim, I’m sure there were some on the mean streets of Santa Barbara (nickname: “The American Riviera” – no lie. Look it up.) But why can’t you give a little sliver of compassion to an athlete who’s by many accounts tried to turn his life around? (Taylor) Or one who’s made some bad decisions but is also a guy in the NFL with insane abilities that, unfortunately for him, came packaged with social anxiety disorder. (Williams)

Give a brother a break  Jim and give your spleen, and your viewers, a rest.


~ by jacqueline1230 on November 30, 2007.

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