Arrests in Taylor Homicide

And humble pie for Wilbon here in Patrick Harris’ editorial letter in today’s Washington Post. As arrests are made and information comes in, it appears that Taylor was indeed killed in a robbery attempt by loser sycophants taking an opportunity to rob the house of someone who had hosted them and given them work. These are the lowlifes that some in the media wanted to paint with the same brush as Taylor.

Mr. Harris speaks with more moral authority than Wilbon, at least from where I sit. His letter is short and eloquent. The night that Sean Taylor was murdered I wrote that “a little hope died with him”. Folks like Wilbon and Rome helped kill it.

Looks like Taylor’s “failing” was being too generous with whom he invited to house-sit. But they were friends of relations, he probably thought he was doing the right thing. Go ahead Wilbon, skewer the dead man for that. Your preacher Daddy should give you a remedial lesson or two. Hope you listen.


~ by jacqueline1230 on December 2, 2007.

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