Skins Honor Taylor, Let’s do the Same

The 10 man defense was a nice gesture. It would’ve been better to win, to not have the coach forget a crucial rule, etc. We can be cynical about the game and Gibbs just makes it too tempting. What should be remembered, however, is that this young man was murdered. A lot of the media f*ed up in its immediate and relentless focus on negative assumptions about the victim. Forgetting this would be wrong.

Despite the Skins’ loss today, and the loss to Taylor’s family – we can all honor the young man by remembering the next time something like this strikes, not to jump too easily into negative speculation. We can try to leave aside the hyperbole and cynicism. Keep the focus on what’s known. We can try to believe that a young man might turn his life around, and let ourselves remember hope can live side by side this violent game and these violent times.

The rest of today

…looked like relentless dreck, mostly. Except for one perfect record – Miami’s zero win season. How do ya like that Don? And speaking of old guys, Vinnie Testaverde won one for all us old dogs. We saw some young QBs do a pretty good job. Let’s hope that the Ravens’ offense fails to show as did Cinci’s today…Go PATS!


~ by jacqueline1230 on December 4, 2007.

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