MLB Musical Chairs. Who will be left standing when the music stops?

baseball.jpgProtect Chamberlain and forego Santana?

So, let’s just review Hank’s first moves as Yankees chief:

  1. Using “Dad” a zillion times more in his first comments to the media. Way to establish authority, Hank.
  2. Trying to play hardball with A-Rod, then backpedaling faster than Shula on the Pats.
  3. Laying down the law in a ridiculous game of chicken with the Sox over a Johan Santana trade. I think that whooshing sound was the deadline passing…

As a Sox fan, I’m liking this kid. Keep at it, Hank.

In the meantime, we get to see more of your bumbling. We might get a lights-out lefty pitcher who is delivering record numbers now, not a rookie who is undone by midges. Yeah, you’re one tough negotiator, Hank. Attaboy.

What the trades analysis tells us:

One of the fascinating aspects to these deals and the analysis for is understanding the value of player development, scouting. The chess game behind the scenes: knowing what value you have to give, what you stand to get, what you can take away from someone else, what you can make them show by being better negotiators. Who believed the Twins’ statement that they would keep Santana if they didn’t get the deal they wanted? His value to them is now, their leverage is gone next year. No way that bluff flies, even for a second. Farrell is known for his player development, I think it’s starting to show already.

I love Ellsbury and would hate to see him go, but if you think about the pitching we’d have with the addition of Santana to our already stellar line up, it’s a good trade. Theoretically, excellent pitching could negate the need for out fielders. I know, but theoretically, I’m just making a point. The Sox player development system makes more and more sense when you think about the advantages in this scenario. Levels of prospects, low entering salaries, good talent. All bank for the Sox in any trade negotiations. And who knows how rich that bank is?


They just moved from the kids’ table to the grownups, huh? Looks like the trade with the Marlins is done. They’re contenders now. Think about the batting lineup. Wow.

I love Jim Leland. He is the only guy alive who can smoke cartons of cigarettes in one day. Cartons. Says he can’t retire because his wife doesn’t like him that much. Wears cleats to work and knows the stadium crew by name. I hope Willis will get the development he never had a shot at in FL.


~ by jacqueline1230 on December 7, 2007.

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