Who is Jeff Tedford? The Guy Behind Two of Last Week’s Most Fun NFL Games…


Tedford is one of the guys we hardly hear about – at least in the East

Currently, Tedford is the head coach for the Cal football team. (Taking some heat at the moment about the disclosure, or lack of it, offered on his star player’s ankle injury…) He’s also the coach who is a large part of Aaron Rodgers‘ successful development. We saw Rodgers’ performance in Green Bay’s game against the Cowboys.

If you’re like me, you were more than a little surprised at how well Rodgers peformed when he came in to replace the injured Favre. I think of Rodgers and remember the miserable draft day and Favre’s ungracious comment about it not being his job to mentor the rookie.

Against the Cowboys, Rodgers looked poised passing. Even scrambling, or under pressure, he did not throw foolishly (not one INT) but accurately. (She-li and Rex, take note. No INTs) He looked a lot like Matt Leinert in his first snaps at AZ. Good, accurate passing, not safe just-don’t-fumble-it running plays (like Big Ben’s first year, which he’s rewritten in his head from the sound of it.) Passes.

Leinert is another Pac 10/Cali QB success story. Unlike Leinert, Rodgers needed a little work out o high school. When the Illini’s offer was the only one he got, he declined, went to Butte College. Worked hard and got better, good enough to eventually get into a Pac10 school. That would be Cal, under Tedford.

Kyle Boller is another Tedford student. AJ Feeley is another. Both of these guys had great games that showcased their ability and training (minus one or two bad decisions). They might not be in the top tier, and may never achieve the consistent excellence to get to the next level. Still, you have to respect the work of someone like Tedford. He’s taken six NFL QB prospects (add Trent Dilfer and Akili Smith) not necessarily top of the field, but solid, and guided them to what may be the top of their potential.

Factoring in Tom Brady who has been coached by a Bay Area QB guru, Tom Martinez, and several other top NFL players from the Pac10, I have to conclude that the Pac10 really does not get the respect (out here in the East) it deserves. I also appreciate more and more the depth and breadth of the scouting, recruiting, and coaching that goes into finding and developing top tier NFL players. What would Philp Rivers or Vince Young or Jason Campbell accomplish with better coaching? Hope we will find out. Martinez also worked with JaMarcus Russell recently.

Couple other random NFL notes:


Steelers v. Pats:

Steelers Safety Anthony Smith guaranteed a win against the Patriots Sunday (to the chagrin of veteran Farrior).

As Gene Collier Pittsburgh Post-Gazette points out:

  • The Patriots beat the Bengals by 21 points, the Steelers beat ’em twice by an average of 12.5.
  • The Patriots beat the Bills twice by an average of 38.5 points, the Steelers beat ’em by 23.
  • The Patriots beat the Browns by 17 points, the Steelers beat ’em twice by an average of 15.
  • The Patriots beat the Dolphins by 21 points, the Steelers beat ’em by three.
  • The Patriots beat the Jets by 24 points, the Steelers failed to beat ’em altogether.

Maybe Smith should have done a little homework before spouting off.

Quote of the Day:


“Cam Cameron is making Nick Saban look like George Halas.” Tony Kornheiser Remember Nick Saban had Wes Welker and we never saw him play…as Mike Ditka said “did the guy just fall out of a tree?!”

I have to add after bashing JR that his recap of the Dolphins near-win, their stunning snatch of defeat from the jaws of victory, “man down” performance was brilliant. He corralled every trite game day cliche to describe the way the Dolphins held on to their perfect record while giving him a scare. He thought they might actually win against the Jets, who even with two wins to the fish’s 0, were underdogs. And Shula is in the booth. To see “his” team lose, once again. Well done Dolphins.


Jaws couldn’t understand Boller’s statement that he prefers to throw into the wind. Thought he’d misspoken. Absolutely made sense to me. With his arm, throwing into the wind gives him control over the pass, or at least that opportunity. Wind behind you – no control. Different game today Jaws. And Boller had some coaching from Jeff Tedford.


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