“A Fluke” and a Damn Good Fight

First, the undercard. I was surprised at how uneven the undercard fights were. I couldn’t find a whole lot of information on any of the undercard fights prior to the match. Why was Ferguson fighting Cherry if he already got beat by him this year? You knew Ferguson was in trouble when the first sound byte from his corner was “what happened to everything we been working on in training?” Oops.

The Ponce de Leon fight was an example of inexperienced boxers. Does raise the question why such matches appear on the same card with a big ticket, title fight.

And back to Mayweather v. Hatton.


In early rounds Hatton was fast and aggressive, he got inside more than I expected to see. He didn’t tire, even after throwing a lot of elbows and shoulders. Middle rounds I was concerned that Mayweather was against the ropes and left himself unguarded quite a lot. He never looked tired though, so my assumption was this was not an indication of his being in trouble.

In the old days, I remember watching Ali. He was so in command that you knew whatever you saw was part of the fight strategy. Not so with Mayweather last night. Like a card shark, he never tipped his hand, even when his gloves were lowered.

In the 10th round, just before he dropped Hatton, he was looking into Hatton’s eyes, measuring him as he worked him clockwise around two sides of the ring, then the left hook. Wow.

Credit to Hatton, amazingly clear at the post fight interview, who said Mayweather was better inside than he’d anticipated and joked about the win being “a fluke.” Gotta love the Irish humour.


~ by jacqueline1230 on December 11, 2007.

4 Responses to ““A Fluke” and a Damn Good Fight”

  1. Whats this about Irish humour Hatton is (very) English he is from Manchester ! He got funnier on the UK PPV when interviewed by Ian Dark he said jokingly he didn’t think it a knock down he said he slipped 🙂

  2. I wasn’t willing to shell out the dough for the PPV, and even if I was, I wasn’t in town to watch, so I missed the fight this weekend. There should be a replay on HBO in the next few weeks, though. Looking forward to it. Sounded like a great fight. Great to see the Sweet Science covered here, too!

  3. Vegas – (actually thought it was vegans-uncovered – wonder if any vegans watch boxing?) Okay, back.

    I read that Hatton’s grandfather was an Irish bare-nuckle boxer, his family sounded Irish and his trainer is Irish…so I guess I was assuming his family were Irish in Manchester. Could be wrong. Also, living in Boston, one gets a an ear for that bone dry Irish humour – I could go on and on like a fekkin’ eejit…

    I give Hatton credit (and more than folks on the shows today did.) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. M-
    Do watch it when it comes out on HBO. Well worth it. We bought it and had a bunch of friends bring the refreshments. Worked out fine. Plus I gotta have a party once in a while, otherwise when would I clean?! (kidding)


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