“Those are the Money Makers”, Operation Equine and No, I’m not Talking Horse Racing Here.


Just as the Mitchell report was being released, ESPN was showing the old footage of Clemens and Pettitte working out in Clemens’ home gym with McNamee, the trainer turned supplier turned informer. Clemens is poking Pettitte’s out of control quads while Pettitte was doing leg curls and saying to the camera “Those are the money makers, right there, those are the money makers.”

Bet he wished the sound had cut out like in the phone commercials he did asking his wife to “just say no, just say the word and I won’t go back.”

It should come as no surprise that the names came out, that Mitchell was pretty scathing about the league and the commissioner, holding the whole system at fault. Mitchell (who apparently went to the Belichick school of public speaking. Better than Ambien, those two…) stated that he had little to work with, that almost no one had cooperated and that this was not the conclusive report on who did what, merely a window into a very flawed system.

  • There were more interesting things that came out from the analysts, like John Kruk once “tipped” some guy 14K for an unspecified service or favor. The guy had the same kind of low level job as Kirk Radomski. Hmm.
  • That Bo Schembechler contacted the FBI when he saw how out-sized the opposing college players were getting. There was a sting operation codename “Operation Equine” and I believe it went no where. Calls to mind the Babe who at least some speculate did things like veterinary drugs to increase size and speed.
  • Steve Phillips – who was GM of the Mets and “noticed” half a dozen guys got bigger, but disclaimed any further knowledge. His sexual harassment/multiple affairs episode notwithstanding, I’m sure we can take him at his word that he really didn’t know anything.
  • A-Rod, Pujols – claiming disappointment etc. Does ANYONE out there believe those guys are clean? A-Rod, like Clemens, has gotten bigger, much bigger, as he’s gotten older. It’s because of their diligent work ethic in the gym, at least not completely.
  • Tim Kurkjian nearly crying over Clemens’ name being sullied. He almost said something like “Barry Bonds is one thing, but this is Roger.” He was the last one to open his eyes and apparently would have been happy to scapegoat Barry.
  • Anyone else but me suspicious about the deals that suddenly got done before the report got released? Like Pettite taking a 1 yr contract? Gagne? LoDuca?
  • Maybe this is why the Santana to Boston deal is lingering?

We all want to see athletes compete at high levels. I don’t need to see them become freaks to enjoy it, but I may be in a very small sample size here.

Anyone asking why NFL guys keep getting massively bigger AND increasingly fast? Looking at retrospective clips of some of these guys is almost a bad as looking at the Michael Jackson morphing series of pictures.

Selig comes off looking pretty slimy and or bungling, as usual. “Let’s move on.” Hey Bud, way to take the bull by the horns and turn the reputation of America’s past-time around.


~ by jacqueline1230 on December 15, 2007.

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