Thoughts on Leadership

Interesting article on Eli Manning and a glimpse into the Manning family here. It’s not really any new information, covering the close relationship Eli has with his mother. Archie was on the road, Peyton off to college. Eli and his mother share a quiet style, unlike his rambunctious brothers.

Much has been made in this s l o w sports week of Eli’s versus Tom’s leadership styles. There was an attempt to cast Tom in the mold of Joe Namath (not even!) and I forget who they compared Eli to.

The interesting observation is what our model of an “effective leader” is. I’ll be the first one to admit that I’ve not been a fan of his less-than-commanding performance at the podium post-game. I have called him Sh-Eli. I haven’t ever said he didn’t have talent or skills. And, they’ve been playing their best football when it counts.

One player-analyst insists that what the public doesn’t see is just as important to a team as the sound bytes on camera. A QB’s preparation, his study, his training, his understanding of and dedication to the game – all these things command respect in ways we don’t see. I’ll allow that. But do they really not care about whether the guy is a commanding speaker? Maybe it’s not either/or.

I came across a small piece on some Boston business leaders who regularly get together to play hockey. It sounded like the on-ice version of schmoozing that happens on the golf course. I think women might be making some inroads into the golf courses, but I didn’t see a woman in the big wig hockey photo. A couple of the guys talked about the deal making that develops from their on-ice time. Then it occurred to me that women probably aren’t going to be benefiting from those hockey games.

Something about the proximity of these two almost non-stories got me thinking. Maybe I have been guilty of judging Eli by the too-narrow, male-centered model of what a “leader” is, what he sounds like, etc. (Think “You’re Fired!”)

Maybe there could be more than one way to measure a leader. Outside of football, I would always have said so. I’d be the first one. I kind of turned that off when I turned on the games. Is the game of football ready for diversity in leadership style of QBs? Am I?

Discuss amongst yuh-selves. We’ll tawk.






~ by jacqueline1230 on January 31, 2008.

2 Responses to “Thoughts on Leadership”

  1. […] a leader. Other kinds of leaders are offered up by sports. I have buried Eli before for his lack of leadership skills. I thought about leadership this week […]

  2. […] no one predicted the upset that this game delivered. Despite the fact that I’d taken note of Eli’s evolving leadership skills , I still fully expected Brady and the Pats to win. I think Chris Berman was the only one to pick […]

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