Sports – Another Pillar Supporting Re-New Orleans

New Orleans is perhaps best known as the birthplace of Jazz…(the sticker in the trombone “Re-New Orleans”)


Or, for its place in the top tier of culinary destinations in the world…


But don’t forget the role of sports and the teams of New Orleans. They are definitely part of Nola Rising – New Orleans’ rebirth.

What other city could boast hosting these events back to back – The BCS, The Sugar Bowl, Mardi Gras and the NBA All-Star Game largely without incident?

The two bowl games drew more than a combined 150,000 fans to the Superdome and tens of thousands more to the city, while the All-Star game is estimated to have drawn 50,000 – 60,000 fans. Remember, that doesn’t include the 800,000 Mardi Gras revelers; and these all came over a six week period.

It’s one of those feel good stories the media tend to forget about. So here’s a little “lagniappe” for ya (little sumthin extra)…Enjoy! That’s Floyd Mayweather elevating like Baron Davis, and of course, T.O. gets MVP at the celeb all-star game!


~ by jacqueline1230 on March 8, 2008.

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