Fine line between brilliant and insane – a line 900 feet in the air

The new sport of baselining – is it crazy or brilliant? View then discuss.

How untethered to the earth can we be? It’s an interesting question to ponder, once you get past the “this guy is crazy” part.

If you saw Parkour moves in recent movies you probably didn’t know that’s what it was called. Here’s a quick intro from a new show. This is an incredibly athletic sport. Remember the last Bond film, Casino Royale? The running up a wall moves- that’s parkour or free running.

It looks incredibly fluid when done right and practitioners talk about the training of mind as much as body. It’s an interesting thing to contemplate.

What are the real boundaries in our lives?


~ by jacqueline1230 on March 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “Fine line between brilliant and insane – a line 900 feet in the air”

  1. I’m not sure there’s a line here, or a brilliant side. It’s just insanity. Chrissy and I have discussed the “daredevil” mentality and have come to the conclusion that there is some chemical missing from their brain. The only way they can feel any sort of normal feeling is by behaving in an extreme and/or irrational fashion. Then, somehow, the adrenaline rush boosts the endorphines and they are able to feel something like a human emotion. Otherwise, they just wind up searching for something to fill a void in them that they don’t understand. Personally, when I see something like this, I am glad I am easily amused.

    P.S. Casino Royale kicked ass. I’m fine with watching Bond running along the arm of a crane, I just have no desire to do it myself!

  2. I’m not suggesting baselining is a sport we all take up, but keep an open mind and think about the paradigm-shifting premise of the philosophy behind these sports. If an athlete can overcome his mindset of “this is impossible” he can run full speed at a huge wall, shift the motion, use the physics and run, climb over it. Without being able to think in unconventional ways, and without training his body and mind to accept new ways of moving and thinking, he’d hit the wall.

    Imagine the first guy who said man can fly, or the earth is round. Everyone at that time, accepting conventional thinking of the day said – “Impossible.” “You’re crazy.”

  3. […] I read about parkour, a new sport (also known as free-running) that defies our conventional thinking about our bodies’ ability […]

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