Celtics Keep Rolling

Defeating the Rockets tonight the Celtics snapped the Rockets’ 22 game winning streak. The C’s did it without Ray Allen and kept pouring it on, winning 94-74 . They held McGrady to 8 points.

Garnet showed class when asked about his former team’s owner’s comments. Garnett laughed and said, something like “I play for the Celtics now, what do I care what he says?” Way to go KG.


Allen is possible against Dallas. Western Conference is killer, as usual. Even teams at the bottom, the lowest seeded, would likely beat higher ranked teams from other Conferences. Hopefully the C’s keep healthy and strong and continue at this level of play. Experience we acquired this year is certainly an advantage later in the season.

March Madness

It’s going to be hard for the NCAA games to compete with the NBA right now. However, my brackets are nearly done, at least I picked the right Maryland team to win tonight. Click here if you need to print yours. Truth be told, I had no idea that they were both Maryland teams though I probably would’ve guessed Mt St Mary’s is. The funny thing is that I often pick teams based on things like the mascot or whether I like where they’re from…and sometimes, I’m neck and neck with Caleb who has TONS more relevant knowledge than I do. It’s all fun and there’s always some underdog that goes further than anyone predicted and plays with such heart. Those are the best ones to watch.

The inexperience of the college players almost always shows in the pressure situations. It’s great to watch for the standout player that rises to it, the teams that believe in themselves even if no one else did.

And the baseball season is starting too…here’s a little something to make you laugh.

Mike Lowell’s benefit “Dancing with the Stars” event. Clips of the guys dancing like, well, like they think they can dance. Lowell of course, can. Pedroia is a hoot. Good fun for a good cause. Oh, and check out Papelbon’s shirt…!


~ by jacqueline1230 on March 20, 2008.

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