Who is Chris Paul?


That was my question as I watched NBA highlights. I heard him compared to Kobe Bryant, to Steve Nash, to LeBron James. Huh? The Hornets are not a team I’ve followed closely. Obviously. Chris Paul (“CP3”)is their phenom point guard and I’m still thinking “Hornets = Charlotte”. Not really, but you get my point.

You know I’ve been distracted and dejected since the end, the horrible end, of the Patriots’ season. And I thought the longest weeks were the two before the Superbowl..? Then, it seemed as if MLB Spring Training would never get here. Well the world is starting to feel like it’s spinning properly on its axis again. Now I’m remembering why I love to watch the NBA.

With a flurry of trades the Suns acquired Shaquille O’Neal, the Lakers Pau Gasol (who?); Jason Kidd went to the Mavs.

Saints – Who Dat?

whodat21.jpg A truck removes a construction dumpster. Behind it is a hand-painted “Who Dat” sign on the wall of a local Mom & Pop store.

Raising ticket prices for the first time in two years, the New Orleans Saints management is trying to meet two goals: one, be on par with NFL teams across the country in terms of revenues; two, keep the games and the team accessible to the broadest spectrum of New Orleans fans. The prices range from $18.00 per game to $165.00 for the club sideline seats or suites. Bob Hale, VP of marketing and business development says their fans are “better educated in NFL economics than probably any other market.”

[ed. note – March 20 Update]

This post was begun and forgotten about two weeks ago? With the Hornets selling out their seventh game and handing the Rockets another decisive loss on the heels of their loss to the C’s….seemed it might be worth plunking this down. In this morning’s TimesPicayune readers were discussing MVP status. One reader said he was so proud of CP3 that “He’s got my vote…and once Uncle Sam gimme my money, hopefully he’ll get about a $100.00 for his foundation!

That pretty much answers any critics of the decision to rebuild the Superdome. Some said it was an insult to focus on frivolous things such as sports. But if you didn’t well up when you saw the Saints take the field that first game, you are not human. Imagine if you were still homeless more than two years later, but were so proud of your team that you’re earmarking the money that still hasn’t found its way to you….well the city loves their teams and I can’t believe the either/or thinking of those early naysayers is still around.


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