On to the Sweet 16

What a great weekend of NCAA games. Recall that I took a deliberately unschooled approach to filling out my brackets this year. Usually I do a little studying up but this year I deliberately went in pretty dark. So I picked teams for reasons that were completely ridiculous. I remember a player I like that that went there – years ago (e.g., Dwayne Wade went to Marquette). Or, picking George Mason over against a higher seed, ND because I hate ND’s unearned status in football.

After the first round I was actually at 72%, ahead of Caleb. My margin continued to shrink, but that’s okay, it was a great weekend of hoops.

Upsets and unknowns – when you have to pull out an almanac to find the school; when the team includes seniors (in other words they didn’t go pro after one year), walk-ons and passed overs;

Buzzer beaters – impossible shots, swings in the lead, or huge deficits overcome, ties that shouldn’t have happened.

Top seeds getting shown up – never mind Duke (beat by West Virginia a 7 seed); Memphis just hanging on to beat Miss. St in the final minutes; Davidson (who?) beating Georgetown; Tennessee just beating Butler in OT. Pearl and Calipari can’t be happy the wins were so tough to get.
You learn about game strategy (when to foul which players; importance of free throws; perimeter shooting versus inside game) and you get to see individual performances that highlight key skills (drawing defenders, shaking off better guys, shot blocking).
My brackets are down to 56% now, trailing Caleb…but I’m good with it. It’s great fun. Screaming and jumping.

Anyone notice the Pac 10 schools and how well they’re doing? Didn’t Bobby Knight have Pitt going all the way?


~ by jacqueline1230 on March 24, 2008.

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