Fenway Opener – Not a Dry Eye in the House

Reasons to be Proud

The Red Sox organization gave its fans a rousing home opener today. After the ceremony, the rings, the banners, the team stepped in and delivered a decisive win. More on that in a moment.

But first, the opening ceremony highlights:

  • Bill Buckner’s emotional return to Fenway to throw out the first pitch. Banners, fanfare…
  • Johnny Pesky – getting hugs (and a kiss from Manny), lots of respect from the young players; the Sox players even pulled Pesky out to raise the championship flag. I think I heard him thanking the park staff who helped him pull the flag up saying he “didn’t know it was so goddamned big.” Then he got to kick the game off by saying “Let’s Play Ball” with a tip of his cap!
  • The championship Sox welcomed other champions from home teams: Bill Russell (whom I credit for giving Boston any of his time the way he was mistreated) Tedy Bruschi, Bobby Orr. Reminding us what a great sports town this is.
  • The Park itself looked good. New seating: nearly 900 new seats in the new Coca Cola box on the Storrow Drive side, plus 100 standing room options; expanded luxury suites, upgraded concessions and more while keeping the historic feel intact.

The Game:
Daisuke gets the win 109 pitches; 6.2 IP. 4 hits 7 K’s. His ERA now 1.47
He was aggressive from the start and stayed focused, also showed some good infielding skills. Delcarmen in relief, Okajima closed. Pitchers got good run support led by Youk at .400 and Drew and Crisp. Great fielding by Crisp.

Low point:
Neil Diamond – does anyone else remember the Will Ferrell skit?

Barry Chin - Boston GlobeTrophies and Champions at Fenway

After the game, everyone was all about business. The season’s on. Tomorrow Lester starts.


~ by jacqueline1230 on April 10, 2008.

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