“A mere suggestion”

Was how DeMarlo Hale’s double-handed stop sign to Manny was described. Manny ran right past it, putting the Sox on the board last night. Final score 12-6 Sox.

Leland once again took the high road in the post game, not taking the bait about his team’s performance. But with five of Detroit’s pitchers combining to throw 212 pitches (13 hits, 9 walks), what else needs to be said. His starters are not getting it done, none have gone 6 innings.

Sox Pull Jed Lowrie Up from Pawtucket

Lowrie, who came out of Stanford in 2005 behind Buccholz in the draft, will fill in for Lowell who’s on the 15 day DL with a sprained thumb. He hit .300 at Pawtucket with five home runs and 21 RBIs in 40 games. Named Minor League’s Offensive player of the year. He’s been working at second, third and SS. For more on the Sox players in development see Maureen Mullen’s Spring Training Report in the Minor League News.

Wild game last night against the Tigers. Let’s keep fingers crossed for the Yankee’s game tonight. Buccholz v. Wang. The game/series is at Fenway so whatever happens, that shirt jinx shouldn’t be a factor. The way Buccholz has started, though (5+ ERA), we’ll be happy for any advantage. Our offense will need to give him all the support they can muster.


~ by jacqueline1230 on April 12, 2008.

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