Fenway Food Fares Well & Weird

New food options near Fenway were outlined in this Boston Herald piece. Unfortunately, I didn’t see this until today but hey, you only missed Jasper White with the Sausage Guy and a few other game day treats. A bunch of this info goes beyond Opening Day.

What a Tool!What a Tool!

That’s Bill Rodenhiser, owner of The Chicken Bone Saloon opening soon in Fenway. Seriously, though, is that a huge tool or what?

Highlights in the lineup:

  • Ron Abell (Sox exec chef) now serving up: fruit cups, shaker salads, turkey wraps, crab rolls and garlic fries.
  • Uburger adds a Big Papi (chipotle sauce, cheddar, guacamole, jalapenos) and a UBeckett (BBQ) to the menu.

And Lowlights:

  • But what the heck is up with a “burger-dog” a hamburger shaped like a hot dog served in a hot dog bun? (Petit Robert)
  • And a “Champion’s Cup” (Eastern Standard) – tequila, rum, honeydew, cantaloupe, coconut? Hope it comes with another, larger cup or bucket on the side!

Then again, you may want to avoid Kenmore Square entirely, but still be ‘in the game’ you can go to Bonfire and eat Ellsbury sliders and Jim Rice & Beans…


~ by jacqueline1230 on April 15, 2008.

One Response to “Fenway Food Fares Well & Weird”

  1. “[I]s that a huge tool or what?” It’s always about size with you women!

    There was an article in the Post the other day about the food at the new Nats stadium. Apparently, the food’s pretty good, but the prices are outrageous. Gee, high prices at a ballpark? Go figure!

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