Did I Mention Jed Lowrie? Immelman – who?

Or how excellent our player development system is? Oh, yeah, here. Good to see him come up and have a good game. 2 RBIs, I think it was. Missed most of the game, folks, sorry! One thing I heard was Remy, who could not believe the boneheaded base-running by Cleveland early on. Wakefield picked him off on 2nd after the guy stole it.

I love how Remy gets so cranked up about bad or sloppy play. He just can’t let go…and he’s right. Seldom see our guys make those mistakes.


Here’s a clip of Doc Rivers on PTI – in that cool shirt…where can I get one? Here you go.

Love the story of his locker room pep talk choice…Immelman? What do you do?

Buenos Noches Amigos!


~ by jacqueline1230 on April 17, 2008.

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