Sox Dropping Like Flies…

Tonight’s disastrous game (most combined Sox-Yanks hits at that stadium since 1956) tonight held more pain than a 15-9 loss. Youkilis hit a hard foul off his left toe (again) and we don’t know yet whether he’s headed to the DL to join Crisp, Cora, Youkilis, and Lowell.

While some might question why we’re not bringing up a pitcher, Joe Thurston was called up on the strength of his spring training (batted .351 with one homer and three RBIs). He worked at fielding and various positions making him valuable as Crisp is now out, too. He’s had some experience in the majors (Dodgers, Phillies) after coming into the majors in 2002.

Thurston has a .259 career average in parts of four seasons in the big leagues. Playing mostly at second base at Pawtucket this season, he was hitting .255 with two RBI in 12 games. He’s got a reputation for hard work and in HS got the nickname “Joey Ballgame” for showing up in full uniform for a practice, everyone else in shorts and shirts.

The Sox’ player development system will be tested. Let’s hope it’s as good as we think it is.


~ by jacqueline1230 on April 18, 2008.

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