Can Fenway Park Get Any Greener?

Why, yes! Yes, it can. Red Sox Nation has lots to be proud about. Let’s start with the team: Papi’s outta his slump, Lowell’s on the mend, our rookies are doing great. Now, how about , itself. More good news.

Sox Ownership Understands What’s Good for the Community is Good for the Sox

As they recently announced (here):
“Our decision to enhance the ballpark’s environmental attributes is one born out of a sense of personal responsibility and professional duty,” said Tom Werner, Boston Red Sox Chairman. “For us, this announcement marks some of the first steps in an ongoing process to make America’s most beloved and oldest ballpark also one of America’s greenest.”

Wally’s already green, right? Bet you didn’t know HOW green

  • Going solar – 10 Big Belly trash compactors can collect four times as much refuse as the old trash barrels that filled up quickly on game days. The 10 big bellies were installed March 31st around the park’s perimeter.
  • Solar panels (first in the MLB!) will replace 37% of the gas traditionally used for heating water, saving both energy and expense, and avoiding 18 tons of CO2 emissions each year.
  • The Poland Spring Green Team (another first in professional sports), a corps of 30-50 (mostly student volunteers will gather plastic bottles, and distribute recycling info to fans. Watch for them wearing Red Sox Recycling gear (wonder if it’s red or green?)
  • Grounds crew will also use two electric-powered utility carts, (noise and pollution-free.) Water and fertilizer use are being reduced to keep the field beautiful with less harmful impact.
  • Lighting – The new Coca-Cola Corner sign features 1059 energy efficient LED lights which use 80% less power and last years longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.
  • Paper – In addition to the food service materials, the front office is also using recycled paper for media guides, schedules and yearbooks.
  • The ARAMARK Facility services will use “Green Certified” chemicals, and compostable trash bags.

ARAMARK and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program announced plans to transition the 14 major league parks and 10 minor league parks to sustainable food practices and model environmental programs by the year 2012. (link below will take you to The Leather District Gourmet blog with more on the sustainable seafood angle.)

Don’t worry, they’re not replacing Fenway Franks with Tofu Dogs. Recognizing that the public, their employees, their vendors and the communities in which they operate, are increasingly concerned about the health of the environment and ocean ecosystems, ARAMARK has made its commitment clear. It’s just good business to align your purchasing power and your business practices with the values of your employees and communities.

This is how ARAMARK continues to score big, winning “Fortune 500’s Most Admired Companies” awards from industry analysts, accolades from peers, partners and employees.

Our rookies’ performance tonight demonstrates the Sox know how to develop the future. Now we know they can preserve it, too.


~ by jacqueline1230 on April 20, 2008.

3 Responses to “Can Fenway Park Get Any Greener?”

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  3. great job (again) j.. check out our progress on sustainability at cheers

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