Ortiz at the plate, bases loaded…

I said out loud: “How about a Grand Slam, David?”

How good was that? Maybe the best was the way the team played cool when he returned to the dugout…like nothing happened. Then the whole team erupted with joy, high fives, butt-slaps, atta boys…

The smile on his face was great to see. This was Ortiz’ eighth career grand slam, seventh with the Sox. It ties him with Jim Rice and Ted Williams for the most in Boston.

(here’s where a a great photo would go if the uploader were working…)

Jed Lowrie’s Fenway Debut

Hits a Double. Leaps out in front of Manny showing off his impressive fielding skills.

In his MLB debut, Lowrie hit in 3 RBIs, the first Red Sox to do so in his MLB debut since 1947. The 24 year old Pac10 boy from Salem, OR was brought up through the Sox development system. Good work, all around.

Highlights from his scouting report:

  • Primarily a SS but the thinking is at the MLB level, he’ll be better for 3B, maybe 2B.
  • Better than average speed, he has RBI batting power, but probably not HR power at the plate.
  • Hits well from either side; great discipline at the plate, giving him ability to drive pitch count up.
  • Throws right, good strength needs work on accuracy.

Maybe it’s the Moon – Don Orsillo and Remy seemed a little Randy tonight

Remy, apparently has “very nice feet” Orsillo claims this emphatically, a couple of times. Then, he takes Remy’s wife’s side in the debate as to whether Remy should leave his computer on the kitchen table or not. They keep going back to the sequined shirt guy, We hear about “exploding chest hair”, clubbing and more.

These are the kinds of games where you learn a lot. Maybe too much.

Other notes:

  • Our young guys all produced: Lowrie:Sac Fly (his 4th RBI), Ellsbury: (scored three times in leadoff spot) Pedroia: HR/RBI.
  • Varitek gets a double 1 RBI;
  • Matsuzaka got the win but didn’t feel like that victories. He’s now (4-0) but he acknowledged he needs to go deeper and “The very fact that we have to even talk about pitch counts, I think that’s a problem right there.” Five hits, three runs, four Ks two BBs; 101 pitches.

~ by jacqueline1230 on April 20, 2008.

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