So Tight They Couldn’t Pass Gas

What the Puck?

I think the commentator was actually speaking of the Montreal fans when he said that “they were so tight they couldn’t pass gas” but looking at the way the Bruins played tonight in their stunning Game 7 loss to the Habs, I think it could be applied to the B’s.

The history of the matchup was new to me – as is hockey in general (see the Guide to Hockey – sidebar) but after the last game and the inspired play of the last couple games we watched, I really expected something better of the Bruins. Too bad.

Speaking of Disappointments: Boston College sports fans have more to be ashamed of…starting to feel like Colorado around here. Another player arrested (Brady Smith), this one on sexual assault charges, among others. Read it in Bostonist.

What an otherwise amazing weekend in sports brought us:

Great Red Sox play. Great NBA games, the Celtics win, the Boston Marathon chock full of inspirational stories and the requisite idiots behind reporters on Boylston Street on the late news. “Look at me! I’m on TV!” Did you see that chick licking her lips? wtf?

More later, deadlines loom…


~ by jacqueline1230 on April 22, 2008.

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