Sir Charles’ Footsies – NBA Action and Some Good Moves

File this under heard it here first, or at least before…

Samaritan’s Feet is a charity I told you about (Walk a Mile in His Shoes) when Jemele Hill covered Coach Ron Hunter of Indiana IUPUI (Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis) decided to coach barefoot. To honor the 40th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination, Coach wanted to raise 40,000 pairs of shoes (or the dollars to buy them) for poor kids in Africa who don’t even have shoes. His awarness effort enabled Samaritan’s Feet to deliver over 100,000 pairs of shoes to kids in Africa.

Now the guys at TNT are doing the same to raise awareness Sunday to honor Mother’s Day. Read about it here, or just tune in Sunday, watch barefoot. They’re hosting Coach Hunter and will bring news of the organization’s efforts. Imagine going through even half your day tomorrow barefoot, how difficult poverty like that would be to live with every day. A donation of less than $30 can make such a difference for players like Hunter’s own Camaroonian kid who embraced him tearfully after his announcement and said half his cousins still don’t have shoes.

Guess D-Wade’s sock for Chuck’s footsies will have to wait…I’m guessing they’re okay with that.

Today’s Sixteenth Minute

Since this blog is also about what I’m learning about sports here are some observations on that score.

Stephen A. Smith is the James Brown of sports analysts. Is he on every show or what? I love this guy. Whether you agree with him or not, you never have a doubt where he stands on an issue. Calling what’s what every time. Check out his column on here. Classic Stephen A. And his blog.

Derek Fisher gets booed by Utah fans, again? For giving up $6 Million to ensure his daughter gets the best care possible for her cancer? I’m not alone in my outrage, here’s Michael Wilbon’s take.

I correctly predicted that Fisher would get the first ball at tip off, and, oh yes, the first bucket. A little statement. It’s about as much a coincidence as the timing of this game. One year to the day of his return to the court from his daughter’s surgery. And Fisher’s replacement is guarding Kobe. Yeah, that’ll work!

Some observations from this championship series – things I’m learning about basketball:

  • Foul troubles can be a good indication of experience and skill. More experienced players can absolutely tool less experienced players drawing fouls. Look at where each team’s points are coming from FGs or FTs and it will tell you something about the defense of the opposition.
  • Phil Jackson is Yoda – pregame miked-up he says “use the atmosphere”
  • Kobe is in a class by himself – his attempts were held down but his points per attempt went up. Sloan acknowledged what Kobe said to Denzel on the sidelines…nobody can guard him. Sloan pre-game last night said something like ‘what are we gonna do, put five guys on him?‘ In fact, they rotated almost all the players to give everyone a shot at it.
  • A team is in trouble if they’re relying on crowd noise, court advantage or calls going their way to win.
  • Taking away the paint or the perimeter is deadly. Conversely, if you are a real threat in both, you are going to be tough to beat.

~ by jacqueline1230 on May 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Sir Charles’ Footsies – NBA Action and Some Good Moves”

  1. Your blogs are great. I ran into your blog accidently…but my husband and I are big time Boston fans. So much so, we named our youngest “Boston.” Crazy I know! I think I am going to add you to my “friends” list so I can keep up with your sports info! Go Boson!

  2. Cool! Thanks for stopping by. I met a dive instructor in Jamaica whose name was Boston (his parents had loved it when they vacationed there before he was born.) Want to guess their last name? Winter. Not even kidding: Boston Winter a Jamaican dive instructor!

    Great time for us Boston fans, hm?

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