Pierce on Fire in Game 7 Nail-biter

Paul Pierce Game 7 AP/Charles Krupa

Paul Pierce had more points in the first half (first quarter?) than he’s had in any entire playoff game so far.

– 41 points against the Cavs in a Game 7 (that should not have been necessary). That’s the second-highest point total ever of any Celtic in a Game 7.

– PJ Brown came out of near-retirement and at 38 showed what he’s made of. 4 of 4 shooting; 6 rebounds, for 10 points.

– Garnett added 13 points and grabbed key rebounds. I loved his post-game answer about strategy: “Get Paul the ball and get the hell out the way” – an acknowledgment of the fact that it was Paul Pierce’s night.

Well done, boys. They get one night’s celebration/rest/preparation then Tuesday Detroit comes here.

One interesting observation by Marc Jackson – LeBron has a move that looks good. Until tonight, I didn’t really get the skill and strategy behind it. He uses the hoop/glass to block the defender (in this case Garnett’s) ability to block the shot. Wild.

That’s the sixteenth minute tonight y’all.


~ by jacqueline1230 on May 20, 2008.

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