What Can Brown do for You? Or Green? Or Red?

(right now I’m waiting for Brown to deliver my Capogiro Gelato!)

Big Brown (the race horse) who won the Kentucky Derby by 4 3/4 lengths before capturing the Preakness by 5 1/4 lengths, went for his first jog at Belmont Park early Wednesday morning. He did a lap around the main track. If he wins the Belmont Stakes it makes him the first triple crown winner since Affirmed won it in 1978.

The Belmont Stakes (June 7) will determine whether Big Brown will be the 12th Triple Crown winner in the sport. Right now, he’s the 11th horse since ’78 to win the first two legs. Does that mean 10 others have won two legs but not the third since ’78? I think so….new to this sport, in case it wasn’t apparent!

Photo: Matthew West

And in Baseball News:

I think ’78 was the last time the Sox started with a 20-5 home record to open the season. Must’ve been a good year.

Top of our order (Ellsbury and Pedroia, especially) continues to set the table, while Manny’s looking a little nervous. But, who can blame him?

Ellsbury had 25 straight steals without being caught. Both a club record and fell just two short of the major league record, set by Tim Raines during 1979-1981. It was only his 73rd game in the majors.

Pujols = one man wrecking crew. Bonds remains untapped asset.

Post Game(s) Updates:

So hard to get other things done in Boston these days. How about the Red Sox’ TWO grand slams (Drew and Lowell) in the 11-8 win over the Royals? Colon had a good first outing.

Or, how about the intense, close game loss of the Celtics to the Pistons. Down to the wire. Good news is Ray Allen seems to have his mojo back. Bad news is Billups, Prince (except for 4th Q), Hamilton, Wallace, everyone seemed to be playing well offensively and defensively. How about the rookie Stuckey?

Garnett, Pierce and Allen showed what experience and intensity can do (and Brown 3rd oldest player in the playoffs? the league) our young guys showed their youthfulness in good and bad ways. Can Doc Rivers get them settled into a winning strategy for the first game in Detroit?

On a plane soon, just had to post something.

PS Mike Silverman – is it true about the Jammies?


~ by jacqueline1230 on May 23, 2008.

One Response to “What Can Brown do for You? Or Green? Or Red?”

  1. Yep. That’s exactly what it means (about the 10 other horses). Unfortunately, owners can put horses in to the Belmont that haven’t raced in the first two races. So a fresh horse can go up against horses who have raced twice in the past 5 weeks. Not that I think it will make a difference with Big Brown. He’s so dominant. After the Preakness, it didn’t even look like he had run. No heavy breathing, no sweat. Desormeaux didn’t even have to go to the whip. Not once! Gee, can you tell I’m excited? Hopefully, we’ll be able to watch it live. Chrissy’s aunt is having a birthday party for her hubby starting at 4. We’re hoping the restaurant will have a bar section with a TV, and we can convince them to put on race coverage.

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