Manny Knocks #500 into the Stands at Fenway South (Camden)

Manny Ichiban!

We’re still on cloud nine from the Celtics win last night (historic and dramatic in so many ways) and Manny reminds us what fun it is to watch baseball. Even if your Mom’s visiting from Maryland and rooting for the O’s. Maybe because she is.


He looked relieved more than anything. Well done Manny. Recovery/DL to watch: Ortiz, Buccholz, Drew, Matsuzaka. Little scarey….but our young guys keep getting it done. From Manny’s relief to KG’s pensiveness.

Celtics – Ichiban!

Contrast to Garnett. Not sleeping from watching film and looking ahead.


It was thrilling to see the hard-fought win, to let the significance of it slowly sink in. To see the smiles on Cassell’s, Allen’s and Pierce’s faces. Doc Rivers obvious joy was also worth watching again. How long these guys have labored waiting for this type of moment. Could this be their moment?

I don’t want to throw a wet blanket on the victory celebration, but…(I really don’t even want to write this…)

You can’t ignore the facts. The next series is going to be steady, uphill climbing. Against a mostly younger team. Looking at the numbers means much less than the numbers in context. People want to build hope and faith and confidence in our team. It’s easier to do if you ignore the other guys who’ll be on the floor.

We are going to have to have near perfect contributions from each of our players, every minute they’re on the floor. The Lakers will give us no room for error. Who will guard Kobe? Just a question. I understand why KG is a bit muted in his exuberance. Remember, he used to play out there. Know thine enemy.

That said, it takes nothing away from the huge accomplishments of this team as individuals, as an organization and as a team. It’s been a tremendous season to watch and nothing feels better than silencing doubters.

Pats? Yes I want it all.

I want to see the Pats silence their critics, too. I hear Coach Belichick is a huge C’s fan. Let’s hope the Pats can go all the way this year, too. It’s crazy to ask for more as a Boston sports fan, but it’s the year that anything seems possible. Maybe Mom will even wear her Celtics Conf. Champs T shirt home on Tuesday…


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