Sushi, Ribs, Onigiri anyone?

Ballpark Food

I’ve written about it before here in Ramen Red (toe)Sox and the Matsuzaka Effect, here, and here, but I guess once the Times does it, it makes it officially a topic. From the number of the comments, it’s a hot topic! Check it out here.

Here’s the slideshow.

No onigiri out there at any ballpark?

Mental, Physical, Fundamentals and Hazel’s Hooters

Hazel Mae is covering the MLB draft on TV as I write, including an inside look at how the Sox organization selects its drafts like Lowrie and Ellsbury. There’s a lot of interesting info, and I’m glad for her work on this piece. I’m also glad when she’s off camera because I find the boobs-bigger-than-my-head persona too distracting! When will we have good women on-screen announcers who don’t have to (or feel they have to) create/buy their Playboy bunny look to get on screen? Ick.

So speaking of things basketball sized…it’s on to the Celtics-Lakers GAME2. Cru-u-ush. as in Crucial.


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