The Last Thing Out of Pandora’s Box?

It was HOPE.

Hope is a prickly, dangerous and a beautiful thing. Some would say it’s an Audacious thing.

Two Champions (Getty Images/Elsa)

It was a Season of Hope here in Boston.

I felt the fluttering of hope at the beginning of the Celtics’ season when I dared to hope. Could they could do it? Make it to the playoffs? Would it be possible, after last season?

What if they wound up playing the Lakers? It was too much to fathom.

As the season progressed and victories mounted, we dared to hope. When things looked shaky, the chant rang out in the Garden: “Don’t stop believing.”

131-92 – So many records set this season and so many superlatives. Rajon Rondo was 6 months old the last time the Celtics won. You listen to the post-game press conference of Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo and both of them talk about the way the whole team stuck to the plan, the discipline and the accountability they enforced amongst themselves.

That’s character and that’s good coaching, too. Something I didn’t know I could expect from Coach Rivers. I stand corrected. Humbled by the man who hasn’t had a chance to grieve his own father who died last November and whose birthday would have made him 77 yesterday.

Bob Ryan ran out of them. Check this clip, it’s hysterical. It’s also a pretty impressive wrap up of the game, going over the amazing box score, he literally ran out of superlatives and rolls off something like five “Greats” in a row…

Some quotes:

“The Truth beat The Rapist” My friend Catherine who was a Paul Pierce fan and tried to win me over for years…you were right all these years, my friend.

“Our arms are getting tired here in Boston from hoisting all those trophies...” Jackie MacMullen

“I knocked the bully’s ass out,” Garnett said. “I knocked his ass clean out.”

“I’m not living under the shadows of the other greats anymore,” Pierce said. “I’m able to make my own history.”

“When you cut me, I bleed green.” Bill Walton

Team Photo (Barry Chin/Globe)

See what marvelous things can happen when we dare to hope?

Bill Belichick sitting courtside with his girlfriendm was probably thinking about how his team could bring home the Lombardi trophy this year. How sweet would that be?

Keep Hope Alive.


~ by jacqueline1230 on June 19, 2008.

10 Responses to “The Last Thing Out of Pandora’s Box?”

  1. I’m a hopemonger.

    I’m showing my sports ignorance here, but did Belechik coach in MD at some point? I feel like I heard his name spoken round there.

  2. His father was the coach at Annapolis. He grew up around there learning geeky levels of war strategy and sports coaching strategy, too. Check this blurb from the Pats site.

  3. Wow, Middy. I didn’t realize you were that out of the sports scene! May I take this one, Jack? Thanks. Belichik is the coach of the New England Patriots, who went undefeated in the regular season (amid some scandal), made it to the Super Bowl, then lost to the New York Giants (who, incidentally, the Redskins beat in week 15).

  4. Hm. I did not know that about Belichik’s dad. You learn something new every day!

  5. I knew he was a Marylander! I feel vindicated. 🙂

    UB – You fit that Redskin factoid in there rather nicely. Very subtle snark. Haha.

  6. Snark? Moi? I know not of what you speak… :-p

  7. Sarcasm, snark? They are the enemy of hope. I didn’t make any ‘Skins ref but I did make the Audacious reference – surely you didn’t miss that one?

  8. […] actually geared toward a diabetic diet, but the recipes are not off-limits for the rest of us. With this week’s dramatic Celtic’s victory, we got an unexpected reminder about Diabetes from the health crisis of Ray Allen’s young son. […]

  9. […] wouldn’t cause the controversy now that they did then. One of them was used so many times by KG in the minutes after the Celtics historic win, you have to go to original Tivo to make any sense of what his joyous gibberish actually was […]

  10. […] ourselves free at last in the Land of Linux. Ubuntu is not just an African word usurped by the World Champion Celtics. It’s also the name of the open source application that runs on the Linux O/S. Mostly, we […]

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