Monday Night by the Numbers

dUNH dunh dunh dunh…God I want that ringtone. Can’t get it anywhere! You know the Monday Night Football theme…but first, some news from Fenway!


The number of consecutive sellout crowds in the MLB – set tonight at Fenway Park (and we did it with more seats to fill!) The streak goes back to May ’03. GO SOX!

111 x 12

Number of consecutive starts by a QB in the NFL. Set by Tom Brady (#12 or Uno Dos as I like to call him) before going down with season-ending ACL tear… their season opening game, in the first quarter.

41 – 14

Denver over Raiders, in the Oakland Coliseum. Ouch. Jemarcus Russell played okay for the most part. And at least they got on the board before the game ended.

At just about every down they were simply outplayed. It’s not like they’ve got no talent but when the coaching staff are in disarray and not on happy terms with Mr. Davis, what can you expect?

I call it a ROYAL smack down..Broncos’ Rookie WR Eddie Royal had a nice debut in the NFL and Shanahan let it be known that he still uses his grudge against Mr. Davis as motivation.

3 – 0

Red Sox over Tampa Bay, which was only made sweeter by the Yanks’ defeat 12-1 at the hands of the Angels. 1 ugly game and ugly scuffle.


~ by jacqueline1230 on September 10, 2008.

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