63 Year Old Jockstrap? How bad was the Cubs’ Meltdown?

Chris Sweda, Chicago Sun Times

Bad toss or did he just hear McPalin saying “Joe Six Pack” again?

In the Chicago Sun-Times’  Tragedy of Errors Rick Telander throws more gems than Zambrano had all night.

  • If Carlos Zambrano were any more up and down, he’d be a push-up.
  • From Lou Pinella: “‘Probably been the two worst games we’ve played all year,” Piniella said. ”It wasn’t fun to watch, I’ll tell you that.”
  • I mean, this franchise hasn’t even sniffed a World Series jockstrap in 63 years. And that was a losing jockstrap, by the way.

I is well worth checking out. I know I’m not alone in thinking that the psychological hole they’re in is just too great to climb out of. But what story that would be.

Sadly I could not tell what was worse to watch McPalin NOT-debating Biden or the Cubbies meltdown…? Both were sadly sickening like watching a train wreck, only this one was pretty easy to walk away from.

McPalin’s camp of advisors have done both McCain and Palin a huge disservice by schooling them, drilling them in answering rote sound bytes while avoiding substance and content. You could see them falling off the cliff every time either one answered — rote answer sound byte (…..phew…..down the cliff…..) to improvised nonsequitur embellishment.

But I think I feel more badly for the Cubs. They can’t even look out their door at Russia, they freakin get what, Detroit?

~ by jacqueline1230 on October 4, 2008.

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