The Phelps Training Diet

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Another reason to be a Phelps Phan:

Check what this dude eats!


Phelps kick starts his day and his metabolism with three fried-egg sandwiches, but with a few customised additions: cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions and, of course, mayonnaise.

Amuse-bouche out of the way, he throws back two cups of coffee and sits down to an omelette – containing five eggs – and a bowl of grits, a porridge of coarsely ground corn. He’s not finished yet. Bring on the three slices of French toast, with powdered sugar on top to make sure there’s no skimping on the calories. And to finish: three chocolate chip pancakes.

That’s just breakfast y’all…click the link above to see what the rest of the day entails. And also the comments on the blog are pretty hilarious. Want to know what elite athletes eat? How about how they strain the U bend in their toilets but count the “CBFD” Calories burned from defacating…Oy.


Olympic Scores to Watch: One Black Eye for Spain; Another for China

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Shall We Begin a Competition for Reprehensible Behavior?

It’s not enough that the Chinese government has shut down villages, tossed people off property for “progress”, installed surveillance machinery and deputized thousands of citizens to monitor each other. We hear the trickles of news about memos literally blacklisting Mongolian and African/Blacks from restaurant service. We wonder how the stadiums and venues were built while schools in Sichuan had no proper engineering or materials to protect its children in case of earthquakes.

Then we get to see the spectacle of the heroic 9 y.o. hall monitor paraded out with Yao Ming at the astounding opening ceremonies. So what if the cute girl had to lip synch and the fireworks had to be pre-recorded because of smog obscuring the views? The show was what counted in the eyes of Chinese ceremony choreographers. It was about the awesome show of Chinese unity, Chinese pride, sacrifice of one for the good of many. Welcoming the world, or most of it, anyway.

Let the Judging Begin

We’re appropriately outraged at the Spanish team’s racist PR debacles, mocking “slanted eyes” for advertisements. Look closely, that’s Pau Gasol there in the picture. To what standard do we hold him?

Wonder how the conversation will go between Gasol and Chinese players like Yao Ming or Sun Yue? Both are Chinese NBA players now representing the Chinese team. Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to make public statements.

The real question is to what standard do we hold the IOC for allowing China the Olympics to begin with. It’s well documented that China’s human rights violations continue despite International protests. To what standard do we hold our leaders. W’s attendance at the Olympics marked the most consecutive days of International presence he’s had in his entire time in office. Frankly, the world’s probably better off for that.

To what extent do we hold ourselves accountable? We must, as uncomfortable as it is, hold both truths constant.

  • The Olympics are an amazing event that swells national pride, showcases the best our countries and our athletes have to offer their sport.
  • The Olympics can also fan the flames of ugly nationalism and racism.

The Games hold a magnifying lens to the host country, and to the behaviors of all the participants. It is our duty to look through that lens clearly, and to accept all that we see.

What we do with these images is up to us. I for one do not want to be left off the medal stands when the final judging is in.

Welcome to the Bay State, Jason!

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First Run Scored: Jason Bay.

Winning Run Scored: Jason Bay.

Jed Lowrie drove in both runs scored by the Sox tonight.

Go Sox!!

Mea Culpa to All; “Bay-watch” Begins; and My First UFC

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I’s been way too long. Anyone who might still be hanging in, mahalo. Thank you. Grazie. Merci. One question: what the heck are you doing with your life? Bro, you got some thinking to do…but I really do appreciate you coming by.

Boston’s Lo-A Team the Greenvill Drive

My piece is still No-A as in appearance. Or, M.I.A.

But hope springs eternal. I’ve been thinking that my Greenville Drive piece was just this close to running and when it did, that would be a great time to resurrect the ol’ sports blog. All I can say is, thank god it’s not a baby I’m waiting on – sucker would be HUGE. But I did get paid, so presumably it really is going to run soon. Thanks Brian!

In the meantime, Celtics celebrations are over, they’re back to work. I liked the Espy’s “Top of the World” piece.

Recently, with the Sox stinking up the place and the Pats only in day five of camp…it’s slim pickings. Probably good for the rest of my writing.

But there is one thing I started to write about and thought it might be worth putting up.

My First UFC Ticket

Not live (are you kiddin?) but we watched a bunch of fights pretty close on the heels of the last boxing match I watched. Pacquiao v. Diaz – WBC lightweight title fight first. It reminded me of good, solid boxing from the old days.

I’ve been resisting the UFC phenomenon for a while now, it just happened that this event came closely on the heels of the Pacquiao v. Diaz fight. Maybe I was just in a bloodthirsty place…

My notes and memory are mostly long gone, but here’s a little Scooby snack for ya:

Tibau v. Stevenson – grapplers; all about the ground game.

Almeida v. Cote- BJJ v. striker

Jackson v. Griffin – freestyle

This fight card was perfect for an introduction to the various styles of martial arts, wrestling and boxing that are used by the mixed martial arts fighters. In each match you could see the strengths of one style when pitted against the other and the skills of the combatants in using or leveraging their defense of another. It seemed to me that the fighters had respect for each other and for each other’s discipline or technique. It was also clear these are not/(at least these matches) were not bar brawls set in a cage for bloodthirsty crowds.

Am I seeking out more UFC fights on tv? Not now. If I happen to hear of one coming up, I’ll probably tune in. It’s not really the comic choregraphed “professional wrestling” schlock that I thought it would be.

“Baywatch” Begins and Favre-watch drags on

This Boston Globe piece is good but the reader comments are better.

He still has Red Sox posters and the “onesie” that his Red Sox fan father had him in. He seemed poised and a little boring after Manny but I should remember my advice to others. He deserves to rise or fall on his own merits. There’s no way he’s replacing Manny’s bat. There’s no need to villify Manny, either. He’s not the smooth or boring interview but his authenticity is part of what made him unique in this day of agent fed pr spin stars. I mean, did you catch Brett Favre’s text message to the press? When did you hear that swamp rat talk like that? Only his agent talking there. If Green Bay fans forget how whiney Favre was before and arrogant that’s on them. Remember he smirked when asked why he wasn’t mentoring Rodgers? “not my job.”

He played high out of his mind and let’s see how many Superbowls did he take GB to? Oh that’s right, One. 1997 championship over the Pats. (ouch) Now his agent has put so many fine words in his mushy mouth that people think he’s being wronged. That’s brilliant manipulation of the press, the client, the situation. Your client comes out smelling sweet. Good job, Bus Cook.

Nothing Like a Long Drive…Greenville Drive Going Live

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So the exciting news today is that my long-awaited Greenville Drive piece is about to go live!

Huh? You mean you don’t remember? Jeez, it was only like, um a year ago. I went to Greenville, SC and wrote about the Southern Exposure event. Then discovered they are home to the Boston Red Sox LoA team: The Greenville Drive. The more I learned, the more I fell in love with the story. They have a field built to Fenway Specs. It’s been so long – I feel a bit like I’m about to deliver an elephant. We were in final edits in January. Dude, I’m serious. January. Welcome to Web 2.0.

And just the second it goes live, I’ll be sure to let you know the URL…

But speaking of Red Sox and development…here’s an update from the ranks:

BOS AAA Lowrie, Jed SS 5 1 1 0 .284 2B (11); 11-game hit streak
BOS HiA Anderson, Lars 1B 4 1 2 1 .312 HR (10)
BOS SS Kielty, Bobby RF 4 0 1 0 .375 Rehab assignment

Maybe the Bengals Need a D-back?

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What’s going on with the Pats? This item in the Courant notes Willie Andrews (Pats defensive back) was charged with illegal possession of a large capacity firearm and assault with a dangerous weapon, on his girlfriend. I don’t even know this player but this doesn’t seem like the kind of behaviour this team tolerates. It’s now like we’re in Cincinnati or something.

Unfortunately, crap like this overshadows the good things other teammates are doing. Randy Moss held a charity golf tournament (Links for Learning) and gave away shoes to kids, Wes Welker held an event (Cleats and Cocktails) in Oklahoma in conjunction with Adrian Peterson’s camp.

Let’s hope the Pats can return to glory. If not I may be forced to follow Moss’ Nascar team. Oy.

Endless Innings, Endless Fun – Endless Careers?

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Battle of the Older Guys – A Win for the Sox

Johnson 44 Y.O. D’backs Pitcher and former Yankee…still throwing some pretty nasty stuff at his age. Wakefield’s knuckleballs proving tricky for DBacks. He’s 41. (see those dancing pitches?) And, now we see Shilling (41 and former co-MVP with Johnson for the DBacks…) after successful surgery still leaving his options open, while acknowledging a comeback at his age is not likely. On his 38 Pitches bloghe wrote a nice post about having no regrets. Good for him. We should all be so lucky. Can’t deny his role in helping the Sox win their World Series Championships.

Tonight’s Game Notes:

Wake – 94 pitches 61 Ks – Eck called it like something from “son of flubber” where the ball won’t contact. 7 IP; 6 Ks…his catcher Cash had a pretty good night, too. (didn’t you wonder why Johnson Intentionally walked Cash? b/c Johnson knew last time he faced Cash, Cash took him deep…)

11 2/3 scoreless innings by Delcarmen who came on to relieve Wakefield (last matchup was in 2005 when Johnson was a Yankee.)

3 run Homer by Cash cements another late inning rally – Moss and Cash (so far Bottom of 8th) responsible for the 5-0 lead we hold

.278 team BA – second in AL and just behind .284 – in NL that’s the Cubs’ team BA…

It’s almost empty tank here for me…but I’ll tell you the other observation from tonight’s game: patience at the plate. Our batting coach has done great things with our guys’ discipline at the plate. I don’t even know what goes into it all but – DOH!! -we were full count 2 outs with a chance to end this. …now, a Walk by Hanson? Paps comes out bases loaded, 2 outs. Holy replay Batman….late inning drama again!

Paps – third in league in saves? 5-0 Win/shutout of DBacks. Phew.

Late Innings Rally Give Sox the Win and a Monster Lesson

For me and Eric Byrnes on playing the balls off the Green Monster. I’m always amazed any batter can hit any of these pitches. To then be able to take defensive swings, or foul-tip the pitch count up; another level of respect. Further, when you see veterans place the ball just where they know it suits the particular game, players, inning, etc…Incredible.

Case in point: Byrnes, by all accounts a good and an experienced player is struggling in that left field pocket. The good hitters are using his inexperience playing the Monster to their advantage. You see the carom bouncing way over head…maybe a good way to load the bases and get into the opponents’ heads.

(btw. how railed out was Lenny Clarke in the booth? I thought he was in rehab? odd that his appearance with equally amped Denis Leary last season was Remy’s favorite moment? And how juiced is Remy’s kid?)

13 Innings and Finally a Win

[ed. note: this post was hiding in my drafts folder…apologies to the three of you who might be reading this…]

For as long as the game went tonight (that would be Monday’s game v. St. Louis!) , you’d have thought it would get boring. But it didn’t really. There was drama of pitcher-batter duels, fielding, substitutions…it was a good chance to see various strategies in action. Plus thrills and spills.

Lane/Boston Herald

It also was a good chance to see what a cranky MFr LaRussa is. Youkilis thought the crowd was too quite, he attributed it to the fact that they might be hungover from celebrating the Celtics win. Francona compared it to a girls’ softball game (ouch – he has daughters that play!) But, leading double base hits in three extra innings, men on base, often all of them….and it still took 13 innings to get it done.

Maybe, it was just that it took that long for Lowell to hit (his first was the double in the 13th) and someone was looking out for him? Crazy play at the plate? We had it: Varitek’s head over keister roll with the ball in the hands the whole time. Yikes. Papelbon’s fourth blown save. Threat of a sweep. Oh yeah. We had drama.

(I saw a bunch of green hats in the stands, Dave, hang in there buddy, I’ll get the damn photos up…along with the story explaining why no man really wants to be seen wearing a green hat….)