Why this blog?

When it comes to sports, what I lack in talent I make up for with enthusiasm. I never blamed anyone for picking me last for their team. Ever. But I can hold my own in a sports bar, a sports conversation, and occasionally an actual sport. In an old job, I was invited by the guys to join a golf scramble. I did the right thing: took lessons first and brought the cigars. And I sunk a beautiful 11 foot putt to help my team win.

I have insatiable curiosity about almost everything. So, I started this blog to publish what I am thinking, writing, and learning about sports. What I know about sports today is about a thousand times more than I knew a few years ago. (Thanks in large part to my husband’s nearly obsessive knowledge and willingness to teach.)

He also has a lot of patience for what he calls “the Jackie questions.” I ask a lot. Like “why do they have a player at shortstop but not one between first and second base?” I assume it’s because more batters are righties. (Trust me, it seems like a logical question if you didn’t grow up watching baseball.)

So, I’ve made some progress, but there’s always more to learn and I always have an opinion. I often think I saw something the analysts missed or are not talking about. A lot of times, I’m right.

Lucky you.Now I have a forum.

Come along for the ride, it’s a great time to be a sports fan in Boston! The Red Sox (who won their last World Series on my honeymoon) just won again, what d’ya think they’ll give me for my fourth year anniversary? The Patriots are smokin’ hot. The Celtics finally have a few good big men. And who knows about the Bruins – that’s the weakest area of my roster.


4 Responses to “Why this blog?”

  1. I like your blog very much. I think it’s great that a female is genuinely interested in sports. I think you are from Boston and I am from CT. Love the Red Sox and Cowboys but don’t like the Pats at all. I hope you will keep in touch with me and we can trade thoughts and ideas.

  2. I love what the ‘boys are doing this year. Huge. I am reluctantly getting there since much of my childhood was in ‘Skins territory and the ‘boys were of course, mortal enemies. Thanks for stopping by, I’ll be checking your blog, too.

  3. Now how ’bout a story about how AWESOME the ‘skins are this season?!!!

  4. Yes, it’s really quite the story. I’m focused on getting my new website designed, cleaned up, my sustainable seafood blog event and working on projects including the book!

    Skins and Campbell esp. are looking very good. Especially considering all they’ve been through and the coaching changes. Very impressive.

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